Free WiFi

Complies with requirements of the federal law.
Contains integrated filter for problematic content protection.


“I do not want to display advertisements of other bars and restaurants in our cafe. How can I adjust it? (Sergio, executive manager)

Mr. Sergio, you choose by yourself types of business not displayed in your place. For example, when you choose Bars, Restaurants, Hotels, users will not see these places at a login page when connecting to hotspot FreeWiFi system in your cafe.

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Equipment is provided for rent.

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  • 01Dec

    A new SMS gateway is connected. Now you can send mail to 28 countries around the world.
  • 01Nov

    The option of using smilies in SMS added. Now the messages will look much more attractive, and the effectiveness of the mailing will increase.
  • 12Oct

    The option added to copy messages for SMS.
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Primary advantages

Advertising exposure.

While connecting, the user will see three banners. Internet access is not provided until one of three banners is chosen and pressed. Option “Press the Banner” makes the user read carefully and decide which banner to press.

60 minutes.

FreeWiFi authorization extends for 60 minutes. After this the user will be asked to press the banner again. It will prevent permanent access and downloading of network files by residents of neighboring houses.

There are no advertisements of competitors.

Advertisement of those companies which you consider competitive will not be displayed in your place.

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